David Mcinnis


Willard Powell is currently led by its Founder and President, David McInnis. Now more than ever, Dave is inspired to deliver on Willard Powell’s mission, for you, and to change the world. He believes that many small positive acts of kindness can send tremendous and profound ripples out into the world. A Philosophy that Dave follows: "Take the initiative. Go to work, and above all co-operate and don't hold back on one another or try to gain at the expense of another. Any success in such lopsidedness will be increasingly short-lived. These are the synergetic rules that evolution is employing and trying to make clear to us." - Quote from Inventor Richard Buckminster Fuller. Fuller’s view on the world was introduced to Dave by his late brother Matthew, who was a minimalist that believed in the good within every person. He also believed that society, and corporate culture in particular, have many great structural flaws that require vigorous debate and reforming. David has 20 years of global recruitment experience and is Founding Partner of Willard Powell. Prior to founding Willard Powell, David worked with Leathwaite International, a global executive search firm. Before his employment with Leathwaite, David worked for Wachovia Securities (now Wells Fargo securities) supporting the firm’s investment banking & capital markets technology group. David is a graduate of Lasell University in Newton, MA, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Management Information Systems. David also serves as a Trustee on Lasell’s board.