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Delivered Through Systematic Research & Sustainable Partnerships

We are committed to your success by efficiently developing diverse talent pipelines and identifying unique talent solutions.

Talent Acquisition Challenges

At times, the strongest talent acquisition teams can get behind on hiring plans and have limited budget to engage external partners. Individual recruiter workbenches are typically pushed to capacity. Talent acquisition processes that ensure compliance and mitigate risk are prioritized. The time required to uncover sourcing strategies and create new diverse talent channels is limited. These challenges create bottlenecks at the front and backend of your talent acquisition workflow. These challenges can be overcome by engaging Willard Powell.

Market Compensation

Reductions in time spent conducting frontend research can leave organizations less informed on external talent markets, not knowing the true availability of talent and the cost required to acquire new talent. Outdated compensation data can compound these issues on the backend. We are sensitive to the pressures you and your team are under.

Our Approach

Our proprietary process incorporates analysis of large amounts of talent data and leverages automated sourcing capabilities. We provide insights by deeply analyzing talent data and sourcing market intelligence. We work to enter into iterative partnerships with your team, which position us to quickly understand and stay in sync on requirements, provide more real-time updates and pivot into new sourcing channels weekly. This approach helps us provide you a more comprehensive view on the opportunities that exist in talent markets. 

Diversity Focus

Our focus is on efficiently building diverse talent pipelines, across industry, geographies, levels of leadership and candidate backgrounds. We conduct talent research systematically, which allows us to form unbiased views. By systematically identifying a diverse pool of prospects, we are able to quickly visualize market themes, industry talent flows, location trends and competitor vulnerabilities.

Our Team

We are experts in talent research and sourcing and are committed to your success. Our team members have previously worked in large corporate HR in internal talent acquisition leadership roles. This experience also provides us an understanding for the challenges that you encounter.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing you the talent market data required to make informed hiring decisions. Willard Powell is committed to working as an extension of your talent acquisition team to quickly source passive candidates and reduce your overall costs. We seek to develop a long term sustainable partnership with you. 

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Stewart Sloan

Stewart has 18 years of global recruitment experience and is currently a Sr. Engagement Manager at Willard Powell. In this role, Stewart leads the firm’s business development efforts. Immediately prior to joining Willard Powell, Stewart worked 7 years at TIAA. In this role he led the build out of talent acquisition teams and significantly elevated TIAA’s global recruitment capabilities. Prior to TIAA, Stewart worked at Wachovia (now Wells Fargo) where he was responsible for overseeing all full-time professionals hired within the firm’s Corporate & Investment Banking Technology group. Stewart is a graduate of Davidson College in Davidson, NC.


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