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Increasing the rate of ideation through diverse thinking

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The list below was created with the goal of encouraging greater diversity in software engineering, spotlighting rising leaders and the organizations supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Diverse software engineering teams form more comprehensive views of the world and lead organizations to higher levels of growth and understanding. Software engineering teams with broader perspective and diversity of experience consistently outperform their competitors. Increased awareness and engagement are key to the facilitation of critical and creative thinking in engineering. Engagement with new communities in the world lead engineers to make better decisions and move towards more innovative ways of thinking and acting.

It also leads towards more effective use of resources. In general, organizations that are invested in building more diverse engineering teams have higher levels of performance by building inclusive culture and increasing pace of ideation. Last September, William Hill, a Software Engineer at New Relic, published an article on LeadDev on his recommendations for “engineers and managers to evaluate the culture and inclusivity of their teams.” “The Will Test” is worth reviewing. Will’s article addresses key diversity, equity, and inclusion topics that are of importance to software engineers. His article also provides a number of channels that technology companies are leveraging to source talent, including Jopwell.

Building inclusive culture starts with finding leaders that inspire your team members to improve themselves, take greater responsibility for their team members and the larger community around them. Please reach out to us at Willard Powell to learn how we can help you in building a diverse software engineering team. For general information on Willard Powell’s diversity & inclusion services, market data on executive compensation, or information on talent research services, please email:
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Aliseya Wright

Staff Software Engineer, Manager at Google