Our Story

Continual Change, Cultural Evolution & The Search For Greater Value

Building teams that build a better world is at the core of our history and everything that we do.

Willard Powell is a talent acquisition services firm, with core competency in competitive research, talent acquisition, training and advisory. We focus specifically on assisting you in building teams, which includes hiring individual team members, so that together we can build a better world.

We provide the crucial link between talent markets and hiring teams, continuously pushing ourselves to tackle complex problems and serving as modern recruitment company.

Determined to make the world

a better place.

Founded in 2011 by David McInnis, Willard Powell was structured to encourage an inclusive and positive corporate culture, dedicated to organizational development and prosperity for employees, clients, shareholders, and trusted advisors.
David was first introduced to these ideas while attending Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts. One of the school’s founding contributors, Emma Willard, wrote a book in 1857 entitled Willard’s Morals: Good Principles for Instilling Wisdom. David found that the book’s lessons were just as meaningful in the modern information age as they were during the industrial revolution. Additionally, the culture of “Connected Learning” at Lasell College encouraged discovery and creation within and beyond the classroom, creating a highly inclusive and entrepreneurial environment. Fast forward to the present. As a member of the Board of Lasell, David understands the importance of great culture, and along with his business colleagues, are fostering the very same culture at Willard Powell today. At any given moment, we strive to make a difference.

Our Story

Over the Years


First Willard Powell office

founded in New York City

Moved its corporate office to Greenwich

CT to provide a better lifestyle for its employees, who at that time were all residents of Connecticut



Founded Willard Powell University

(WillPowerU) in an effort to keep pace with the market and improve our research process with new tools and processes. This internal initiative hires, trains, and empowers college, graduate students, and working Mothers

Launched efforts

to hire and support Mothers re-entering the workforce



Opened a satellite

office in Charlotte, North Carolina

Expanded into San Antonio, TX

Partnered with ViaTrustUSA, Inc., to empower Veteran and Military families, with a particular focus on empowering the Military spouse


Finding What Motivates Talented People

Constantly innovating across the talent process, Will Powell looks toward continual growth and expansion.

The recruitment services marketplace is growing, but generally there is a gap in terms of clients deeply trusting the capability and credibility of their suppliers. Every hire influences the culture of your organization and getting this right is a critical component to the success of your firm.

Who do you entrust with this very critical responsibility and how confident are you in their values and capabilities?