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Dynamic Talent Markets Create Challenges That Require Adaptable Solutions

We are committed to creating unique value for your executive recruitment team.

The Challenge

Competition for skilled talent increases as do the cost of acquiring exceptional leaders. At times, demands on your executive recruitment team can exceed the capacity of internal resources. Changes in hiring requirements or the external talent marketplace can impact the predictability success.

Consulting Solution

An external partner can fill this gap by confidentially representing your firm in the marketplace. Willard Powell is a trustworthy and capable partner that understands your challenges and will help you overcome them. Our consulting services are structured to deliver the best talent in flexible and efficient ways.

Our Commitment

Our success can be directly attributed to our commitment to your success and how we create unique value for your executive recruitment team. We care about your well-being deeply and want to make your work life easier. We know that we need to constantly perform and evolve our services to create great levels of value.

Our Approach

We position your team to own the most important parts of the search process, which encourages a sustainable partnership. It allows us to execute across a variety of different talents needs in a flexible way, deliver quickly and at a fair cost. Our consultants quickly get and stay in sync with you. Willard Powell’s agile processes and commitment to consistently improve delivery set us apart from others. This partnership creates greater efficiencies, cost savings and speed to market. Our attention to detail and iterative approach leads to continually calibrating, elevating issues and supporting you with the data required to find solutions.

Value Creation

We are committed to being a value oriented recruitment partner. We are engaged to help identify talent on highly specific searches and focus on sourcing diverse talent with specific skills. We consistently work to create unique value for you and your team, create new sourcing channels and reduce external search cost.

Focus on Diversity

Diverse organizations are able to transform more effectively. A core focus for Willard Powell is to build diverse leadership teams that are capable of setting clear strategies and that have a history of executing enterprise transformations. Our team is passionate about and capable of helping you increase diversity in general.

Our Team

Our Consultants are honest, discrete, solutions oriented and highly responsive. They care about building long term partnerships with you, your team and in the external market. Willard Powell’s agile processes and commitment to consistently improve delivery set us apart from others. Willard Powell Consultants are experts in talent sourcing and work to partnering with your team, inspiring candidates throughout your process.

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David McInnis

David has 17 years of global recruitment experience and is Founding Partner of Willard Powell. Prior to founding Willard Powell, David worked with Leathwaite International, a global executive search firm. Before his employment with Leathwaite, David worked for Wachovia Securities (now Wells Fargo Securities) supporting the firm’s Investment Banking & Capital Markets Technology group. David is a graduate of Lasell College in Newton, MA, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Management Information Systems. David also serves as a Trustee on Lasell’s Board.


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