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The Right Executive Can Build a Better World

Trustworthy Market Intelligence, Transparent Processes, & Consistent Delivery.

Executive recruitment and talent intelligence are at the foundation of our business. Delivered through partnerships and comprehensive assessment of talent markets, we empower your talent acquisition team to hire leaders that drive innovation, inspire culture evolution, and build meaningful relationships.

Put simply, we help find the right people to bring future growth and success for your company.

We Are Committed To An Executive Search Process That Is:

Tara Grandmaison

Partnership Oriented

We combine human and data-driven decisions into the search process. This approach positions you to make unbiased decisions on real-time talent market data. Our team thinks about talent markets differently and works to closely collaborate with your internal search team.

Highly Transparent

We are customized to meet your current executive search needs. As such, we provide thorough communication through the entire search process. We offer you alternative and highly customized talent solutions, so that your firm can outperform competition in attracting and hiring the best talent.

Committed to Your Success

We partner closely with your internal human resources organization. Our experienced and dedicated team skillfully navigates talent markets and develops diverse talent pipelines across industries, geographies and functional disciplines.


Our approach to talent research provides you a broad view of the complex and dynamic nature of talent markets. We follow an iterative framework that ensures transparency across all search stages, including prioritization of needs, strategy setting, candidate recruitment, evaluation, shortlisting, and offers.


We are passionate about finding exceptional candidates who fit best within your firm and will create value for you. We look for leadership competencies required to meet strategic goals and cultural fit.

Our Search Process

How can we help your organization hire leaders that make a positive impact on the world?