Uplifting Leaders Through Their Career Transition

A Highly Communicative And “White-glove” Approach To Executive Outplacement

High performing executives give a part of themselves to the organizations they serve. They deserve the highest quality and most effective outplacement services during their period of transition. Executives have a deep belief in their employer’s mission, and letting go while pursuing another mission can be difficult.

This gradual process of transition requires a dedicated search partner with a current perspective on the market.

We closely partner with each executive, working hand-in-hand in creating, customizing and executing a personalized re-employment plan.

Elements of Willard Powell outplacement services:

Creating a “Professional Brand”

Our team leverages social media to identify important 2nd degree connections within an executive’s network, help elevate the executive’s professional brand and make new introductions.  Our systematic approach to research helps remove bias from the process and identify peers with a close competency match.  This approach provides us the greatest potential for identifying marketable traits, finding an employer match and positioning the executive for professional growth. 

Embracing New Perspectives

With social structures changing at an increasing pace, we can only succeed if we continue to understand the wider world around us. Willard Powell has a diverse network of trusted advisors able to provide expert advice on important emerging gender, nationality, and cultural issues, as well as factors influencing talent markets, including economic policies, government regulations, and geopolitical factors.

Making a Difference

For executives that are mission oriented and committed to achieving greater fulfillment in their work, our team can help find or create meaningful new paths. Small changes have an incredible impact, and it all starts with leaders that can inspire others to take on greater responsibility professionally and positively impact the larger surrounding community.


We are committed to helping each executive secure meaningful employment. We identify potential employers that have a need for the executive’s specialization and are aligned on values. Our re-employment plan includes: 

  • Building a customized pipeline of prospect employers
  • Facilitating opportunistic introductions and interviews
  • Preparing for interviewing  
  • Executive empowerment 

Learning Together

Our team seeks to closely partner with each executive. We foster long-term, caring and inclusive relationships built on continual learning, transparent communication, and collaboration. We take great care in finding the right opportunities that balance each executive’s aspirations with potential employers who will appreciate their unique capabilities. We provide open feedback, educate on market factors, tips on successful interview methods and guidelines that ensure consistency in their candidate experience.

Willard Powell is committed to helping today’s leaders transition into the next phase of their careers. Contact us today to learn more about our customized Outplacement Services.