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Global Market Disruptions Are Increasing The Pace of Digital Innovation

Our team is experienced recruiting diverse leaders that implement transformational strategies, build creative teams and inspire digital innovation.
Market Disruption

Technologies are changing how Aerospace & Defense products are produced and how companies compete in today’s marketplace. The impact of technological innovations on the global Aerospace & Defense economy is significant. Greater levels of connectivity between the institutions having demand and firms within global supply chains are increasing the pace of industry innovation.


The ability to predict future demand for products has been significantly enhanced by the emergence of global satellite M2M communications. Firms can now more accurately predict when product maintenance and replacement will be required. Machine learning is replacing the need for firms to hire humans to develop marketing strategies. Using algorithms, machines can target customer demand based on M2M data, find the best way to deliver the right messages, sell the right products at the right time and automatically create, retain, and extend customer relationships.

Digital Transformation

New ways of working and delivering information have been introduced which have created online innovation hubs and are driving transformative change in the development of physical aerospace products using robotic process automation.  Firms are focused on finding the right balance between digital and physical presence without negatively impacting security. With mounting pressure from smaller high growth competitors, large historic firms are being forced to transform their digital platforms.


As the demand for digital services increases, so does the need for greater cybersecurity. Security breaches have become all the more pervasive. Fighting cyber-fraud requires greater preparedness through partnerships between defense companies, law enforcement agencies and regulators. Security experts are significantly improving the effectiveness of cyber-threat protection initiatives using computer simulations.

Next Generation

Innovative new ways of driving operational efficiency are transforming the defense industry. Firms are leveraging computer vision and artificial intelligence to identify and predict new cyber and physical threats. Firms are investing significantly to create more digital experiences that train and arm the next generation with the tools to coordinate and respond to threats quicker.

Our Approach

Our team brings a fresh perspective on the dynamic nature of the Aerospace & Defense industry. We leverage proprietary sourcing technologies to analyze talent data, form hypotheses, gather market intelligence and engage candidates. This systematic and data oriented approach allows us to uncover unique sourcing channels, create greater diversity in talent pipelines and build higher levels of trust in decision making.

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President & Founding Partner

David McInnis

David has 18 years of global recruitment experience and is Founding Partner of Willard Powell. Prior to founding Willard Powell, David worked with Leathwaite International, a global executive search firm. Before his employment with Leathwaite, David worked for Wachovia Securities (now Wells Fargo Securities) supporting the firm’s Investment Banking & Capital Markets Technology group. David is a graduate of Lasell College in Newton, MA, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Management Information Systems. David also serves as a Trustee on Lasell’s Board.

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Building teams that build a better world