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WillPowerU is an internal research & leadership development team, created in partnership with graduate students from Fairfield University.

Competitive research and talent acquisition businesses have supported high growth firms for generations, but technology and social media are rapidly disrupting the way in which recruitment firms conduct business today. Here at Willard Powell, we work to automate talent research efforts, visualize data, and assess impactful social media analytics. This approach helps us facilitate talent discussions with clients and develop recruitment strategies.

In an effort to keep pace with the market and improve our research process with new tools and processes, Willard Powell launched Willard Powell University (WillPowerU) in 2014. WillPowerU is an internal initiative to hire and train college, graduate students and working Mothers as Research Associates. Willard Powell supplements this approach with a manual human-to-human research process that is directed from our assessment of talent data.

Partnering with Fairfield University

To Build a Better World

In 2014, Willard Powell partnered with Fairfield University’s Applied Psychology department to hire Industrial / Organizational Psychology graduate students into the firm’s research department. The successful partnership has positively influenced the development of Willard Powell’s cultural foundation, leadership competency and talent research processes.


Caroline Swanson

Senior Training and Development Specialist at

“Working at Willard Powell taught me effective recruiting techniques and the importance of building a great team and culture. I am grateful for the opportunity Willard Powell gave me to directly apply what I learned from my Masters program and build the foundation of my career in Training and Performance Management.”

Mackenzie Halter

Human Capital Consultant at Deloitte

“Working with Willard Powell right out of college helped me build a strong foundation for continuing on in my career. Learning how to recruit … not only taught me how to source and recruit top candidates, but also taught me how to create compelling presentations, how to manage client expectations, and most importantly, how to network. Having experience “wearing multiple hats” at Willard Powell, … allowed me to explore many different types of work quickly and gain broad and easily marketable experience.”

Shreya Nidadavolu

Career & Team Growth Specialist at

“Willard Powell kicked off my career and passion in the Training and Development world. I was given the opportunity to take the skills I was learning in grad school and apply them in an effort to develop employees and leaders in the office. From building a new hire training program to evaluating leadership, I was able to understand employee engagement needs and begin to identify resources for development.”

Kristina Lovenberg

Health & Benefits Analyst at Willis Towers Watson

“Working with Willard Powell taught me the fundamental importance of being part of a supportive team. The Willard Powell team taught me the value of prioritizing team care, individual well-being and leadership development. The WillPoweU experience will follow me in my professional career, but in my personal life as well.”

Building teams that build a better world

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