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New Digital Economies Are Emerging as TMT Firms Converge

Industry consolidation, emerging technologies and a war for content are redefining the TMT sector.


Digital innovation is blurring industry boundaries. Convergence of technology, media and telecommunications firms is rapidly advancing and becoming more complex. Large technology companies are starting to produce entertainment content at greater pace. Media companies are developing consumer applications. Telecommunications firms are acquiring smaller technology and media companies to stay relevant. Large mergers including Disney/FOX and AT&T/Time Warner will ignite further M&A activity.

Consumer Privacy

Greater interconnectivity across smartphones, TVs and computers allow TMT firms to gather even more consumer. Data and privacy is of growing concern. Change is domestic regulations will impact how personal information is stored and used. The U.S. is lagging the EU in new digital privacy regulations and TMT business models are changing faster than policy shifts.

Digital Payments

Integration with alternative payments platforms is key focus for media providers. Google and Apple have the benefit being ahead of the curve having created their own payment platforms.

Streaming Content

Traditional business models are being challenged by large technology content and advertising companies. Netflix has proven that ads can more easily be integrated into streaming platforms. Increased consumer demand for high quality digital video on mobile devices are influencing investment decisions. In particular, investments in over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms are on the rise. Apple TV+ and Amazon Channels will create greater market disruption as content production steps up. This will create pressure on price reductions.

Emerging Technologies

Launch of 5G networks and sharing IoT data are differentiating factors for TMT firm's in their ability to compete in today's marketplace. Traditional media providers will be forced transform by increasing investments in AI / machine generated content.

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping you understand how to best position your firm and to adapt to disruptive forces. Our Engagement Managers will work with you to develop a comprehensive recruitment plan and will iteratively update sourcing strategies each week.

Talent Dynamics

As the TMT industry is undergoing significant foundational changes this impacts talent flow and availability. The TMT industry is increasingly being driven by high turnover and a need for temporary creatives. Today, creative talent are entrepreneurial and more comfortable consulting. This new reality requires that firms shift headcount from full-time jobs to consulting roles.

Employer Adaptation

Shifting market dynamics will speed talent movement and change the skills required for continued innovation. The data that TMT firms are collecting allows them to capture trends in talent flows and candidate attitudes as well as understanding the types of job seekers that are emerging in the TMT market. As they explore what's changing, they update job descriptions with more targeted messaging. This approach gives firms the ability to adapt to changing business demands.

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Stewart Sloan

Stewart has 18 years of global recruitment experience and is currently a Sr. Engagement Manager at Willard Powell. In this role, Stewart leads the firm’s business development efforts. Immediately prior to joining Willard Powell, Stewart worked 7 years at TIAA. In this role he led the build out of talent acquisition teams and significantly elevated TIAA’s global recruitment capabilities. Prior to TIAA, Stewart worked at Wachovia (now Wells Fargo) where he was responsible for overseeing all full-time professionals hired within the firm’s Corporate & Investment Banking Technology group. Stewart is a graduate of Davidson College in Davidson, NC.


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