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Industry Consolidation, Emerging Technologies And a War For Content Are Redefining The TMT Sector

As the TMT industry is undergoing significant foundational changes this impacts talent flow and availability. The TMT industry is increasingly being driven by high turnover and a need for temporary creatives. Today, creative talent is more entrepreneurial and feels comfortable consulting. This new reality requires that firms shift headcount from full-time jobs to consulting roles.

Cyber Security Recruitment

Today, society is highly connected. This connectivity provides us great opportunities, but every new connection also creates a new opportunity for criminals to penetrate corporate systems, access personal information, steal confidential commercial data, and disrupt operations.  Cyber threats have been around since the inception of computing. With the use of emerging technologies, the sophistication and frequency of hacking attempts has elevated considerably.

Many firms rely on external consultants to respond to increasingly organized cyber security threats. One reason for their inability to implement security controls is the absence of senior cyber security talent on their internal team. The availability of experienced cyber security talent is becoming smaller, as demand increases, firms in every industry are hiring and retaining the best cyber security executives.

The team at Willard Powell leverages its corporate side experience, building technology teams for Fortune 100 clients, to identify and engage high-caliber cyber security executives. Our Engagement Managers provide systematic talent research and can quickly identify and recruit those highly sought-after leaders who can leverage both their technical competency and business acumen.  These are leaders that can anticipate the emergence of new threats. Our expertise in executive recruitment can help you identify and leaders capable of implementing strategic countermeasures. Our Engagement Managers are supported by a team  of experienced Partners,with decades of experience working in internal Talent Acquisition leadership roles.

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e-Commerce Recruitment

Technology is becoming a more significant part of people’s everyday lives, and businesses must be able to continuously evolve their digital products and services. E-commerce businesses have expanded beyond computer-based foundation to encompass mobile communications and other emerging technologies. The explosion of e-commerce has resulted in a scarcity of qualified executive talent, particularly in the sales, marketing, technology, and operations divisions. Demand for experienced professionals and technical experts in the e-commerce sector is growing significantly, and companies willing to pay above market rates for top talent are better positioned for success.

Willard Powell is committed to helping our clients solve problems. We work with  organizations to identify and secure the talent needed to drive business and remain competitive in a constantly changing environment.

At the heart of the Willard Powell difference lies our Search Consultants who understand the complexities of recruiting leading e-Commerce talent. We can help you to identify market leaders in digital product development, UX design, digital performance, demand generation, content generation, digital payments, loyalty management, and supply chain management.

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Internet Services Recruitment

Digital technology has altered how consumers purchase products and services, businesses conduct business, and people connect. Every day, the rate of change accelerates.  In these highly competitive markets, businesses functioning in the digital domain want leaders who can comfortably sit at the forefront of this transition and guide their organizations into an unpredictable future marked by constant upheaval. The pace of change in the digital world has accelerated to the point where the most talented digital executives rely less on past experience and more on future predictions to help shape the environment and turn technology advancement into commercial success.

Discover the power of Willard Talent Acquisition. Our extensive executive search experience positions us as a leader in the recruitment of senior-level digital talent for many years. Our long-standing relationships with top technology talent provides us with a unique perspective on the executive recruitment market.

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Media & Entertainment Recruitment

Digital media has transformed how advertisers communicate with their customers, creating opportunities across all spheres of life. New targeted advertising and more modern technologies such as mobile phone in-app advertising and social media advertising continue to transform the market. Over the last decade, demand for digital media advertising has risen so quickly that it has surpassed the supply of talent, resulting in a skills crisis and a lack of workers at all levels. The market will continue to value creativity and innovation, and selecting the right search firm is a critical step in transforming your digital media team. 

The Willard Powell team recruits for a number of digital media positions, as clients have a range of requirements in the field, requiring both creative and commercial skillsets.

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Software Engineering Recruitment

Although the software business has long since matured, the rate of innovation and expansion continues to accelerate, fueled by an onslaught of daring start-ups that continue to challenge the existing global companies’ dominance. Some of these vibrant young enterprises fail, while others join the ranks of the technological elite, and the determining element in each’s success or failure is frequently the leadership quality. Software firms want committed executives with a breadth of experience and abilities. While top software executives must possess high technical acumen, they must also possess a clear strategic vision and strong entrepreneurial instincts.

Willard Powell has an exceptional track record of recruiting Software Engineering executives for Fortune 100 customers and pre-IPO start-ups. Our experience equips us with a comprehensive understanding of the job needs for a range of software leadership positions. Additionally, our wide professional network helps us to identify and hire high-performing leaders who are capable of outshining  the competition in terms of innovation. Our software practice is complemented by our broader technology recruiting business, which specializes in functional and highly technical roles.

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Telecommunications Recruitment

Telecommunications advancements aided in the globalization that has propelled economic progress for decades. While this development in  technology has had a profound impact on the world, the rate of change continues to accelerate. As a result, telecommunications companies must recruit the brightest leaders, great executives who can predict change, and commercial savvy technologists to deploy new technologies in novel ways that serve customers. 

It is talent, not technology, that drives success in this industry. America is the world’s leading source of top-tier telecommunications talent, and Willard Powell, is well-positioned to assist ambitious companies in identifying and recruiting talented prospects.

We understand the challenges that telecommunications firms face. We understand the need for senior executives who can think of disruptive ideas and adapt quickly to market shifts. To thrive in a competitive market, you require executives who can identify fresh growth prospects and expand into adjacent areas. Finding this caliber of talent is a task in and of itself, which is why many companies turn to Willard Powell for expert executive recruiting support.

Our Telecommunications talent search strategies increase talent pipeline diversity and are informed by our broader technology recruiting business, which specializes in functional and highly technical positions.

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